Soon Valley Sakesar As an Ideal Tourist Destination in Pakistan

Having unusual scenic beauty, the Soon valley of Pakistan welcomes the tourists to rejoice themselves with natural…

Having unusual scenic beauty, the Soon valley of Pakistan welcomes the tourists to rejoice themselves with natural beauty. Here the waterfalls, springs, lush forests, villages, pools, and lakes make it a complete entertainment spot for tourists, and what about the distinct specialties of this valley which make it prominent among all the valleys of Pakistan; let’s explore.

Soon Sakesar Valley Location

The entire way which leads towards Soon valley is full of amusing natural scenes. Soon Valley is located in the Northwest of Khushab District of Punjab. The valley lies between the Padhar village of dusty view of Thal desert to Sakesar which is the highest peak of Salt Range.

It’s the identity of the town Naushehra which is also its largest settlement. Naushehra is about 48 kilometers (30 mi) from Khushab District and 68 kilometers from Kallar Kahar town.

Places to visit in Soon Valley

As Soon Valley is the hub of natural sights, lakes, historical spots, villages, forests, hills and more, if you are planning a tour of soon valley and want to explore maximum places in short time then for our following suggested points. These spots located in and near the soon valley are truly amazing to make your journey memorable.

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Uchali Lake

Photo by Muhammad Akhtar Rizvi

Having boating facility, Uchali lake is among the top tourist attractions in the valley of Soon. The highest mountain in the salt range, Sakasar ends at this lake. Its scenic beauty and the -calming effect of water make it an ideal place to spend time.

Jahlar Lake

Photo by Asif Saeed

One can experience the peace and natural beauty on visiting Jahlar lake and it creates a feeling of deep calm. It is one of the least visited lakes of the valley mainly kinda hidden because of its location. The lake is situated near the village Jahlar. Its area under water is approximately 148 acres. In winter, birds from distant places migrate to this lake and in summer they make their return back to the native countries. The water is strongly acidic and one can wash clothes with its water without any soup. This lake does not contain any facilities like boating or fishing.

Khabeki Lake

Photo by Asif Saeed

If you are going to visit Uchali Lake and coming from Kalar Kahar or Talagang side, then most probably you will pass this lake on your way (unless you take the Sodhi road route). The lake and the green area around provide a good scenery. Both Uchali and Khabeki lakes attract hundreds of migratory birds each year and are ideal haven for the bird watchers.

Daip Shareef

 Daip Shareef

Photo by Asad Jamal

Beautiful springs, small pools, and ponds make this place additionally a great spiritual and calming point to visit. Dep Shareef is a sacred place for people across the village because of its association with  Sufi saint Hazrat Siraaj Ud Din Naqshbandi (R.A.). Kufri village is the way that leads to Dep Shareef. On arriving here, people get amused with sweet, clean and fresh water of springs.

Anmb Shareef

Photo by Usman

The fort and temples of Anmb Shareef are located in tehsil Quaidabad. These buildings hold a special interest for the archaeologists. Originally, the whole of this area was a fort in which there were one palace and two temples. Nowadays, only the palace and one temple exist. There used to be different statues in this fort but nothing is left of them now. The architecture of the temple is of Kashmiri style. The palace comprises of three floors but one can only approach the ground and the first floor.

Nurshingh Phowar

Photo by Shah Saad

Nurshingh Phowaar is a place where one can find beautiful temples and lovely water springs. The temples still retain their original shape although rapidly deteriorating.

There is a beautiful waterfall, greenery, mind-blowing springs, and amazing archaeological sites including temples at this place. These days, this temple is under the department of Oqaaf. No care has been given to this place of Soon Valley, no funds are allocated and if it would remain unattended for long so chances are high, we would lose this precious historical site.

Tulhath Fort

Photo by Shah Saad

A rocky track leads to the Tulhath fort which is located near Her Do Sodhi Baala on Kathwayi-Jahlar road. One has to travel by foot for about 1 and a half kilometers. According to Baba Sarwar Awan, this was a palace and there were canals for water in it. It looked more like a fort to us just like the Tulhath fort and Akrand fort. The reason is that it has not only a defensive wall but also built on a high mountain or cliff. A defensive wall built to protect the palace is still present along with the rock used as the gate.

Akrand Fort

Photo by Ali Abbas

Akrand fort is covered with thick and dense forest and only one way leads to the fort which is along the way to Kanhatti garden. That fort was built by the men of Raja Tataar Khan in order to defend the areas of Soon and Pakhar. The fort had stables for horses, houses and weapon stores which have now turned into ruins.

Kanhatti Gardens

Photo by Waseem Abbas

Another attraction of Soon Valley, Kanhatti garden is home to stunningly beautiful waterfalls and marvelous views. There is a camping site too with a fireplace for the tourists. There are several nature trails for tourists for hiking or just to take in the beauty by foot.

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