Pakistan with its incredible and beautiful places makes it the best resort for adventurous trips and thrilling….

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Pakistan with its incredible and beautiful places makes it the best resort for adventurous trips and thrilling tours. It is a country which possesses from the challenging mountains with snowy tops to the crystal clear waters, lush green valleys, the hot deserts, Indus plain, salt mines, beaches in the South and the amazing historical places like Taxila and Mohenjo-Daro. Pick any direction and you’ll get a place worth visiting. These places are the reason why the tourism industry of Pakistan is still alive and flourishing. Looking for a place to lighten up your holidays? Here are the 10 incredible places in Pakistan where you can entertain yourself with a serious adventure.

10 Wonders of Pakistan

By the end of the page, you’ll surely be head over heels with our collection of the Incredible places in Pakistan. Do check out the place number 6.

Churna Island

Photo By Asim Rana

The people who have visited this Island located in the south claim that it is secret paradise in the Arabian Sea. The clear blue water with the rugged mountains all around and the mysterious caves makes the trip to this place hell amazing. If your get in contact with any water sports club in Karachi, before going on a trip to this place, you’ll be able to enjoy the most thrilling adventures of your life. From scuba diving to cliff diving, Churna Island offers them all.

Neelum valley

Photo By Dawood

Neelum valley is located in the region of Azad Kashmir also known as the Heaven on earth. This mean there must be something exceptionally great about this place that earns it this title, right? Neelum valley is a wonder in itself with all the mind-blowing beauty that makes one feel like on the ninth cloud. The greenery, water, and the mountains; all are simply refreshing. The best places here for sightseeing are Shadra fort, Halmet, Kutton, Jagran and Baboon.

Gorakh Hill

Photo by Ahsaan

Gorakh hill is also one of the incredible places in Pakistan and also the attraction for the traveling lovers. If you have seen enough of the mesmerizing beauty of the North, it’s time you pay your visit to the province of Sindh. Gorakh hill, although underdeveloped place for a tourist attraction, is the highest point of the Sindh province. The view around is exhibited the rugged and sheer brown mountains. It lacks the typical Northern vegetation but possesses its own attractive tools. A trip to this hill is a unique adventure in itself.

Shogran and Siri-Paye

Photo By Taukeer Raza

Do you want to visit a place that’ll spell bound your soul? Shogran and Siri-Paye, located at the perfect location in the Northern mountains offers an adventurous jeep ride to its visitors. The place is full of lovely flowers, trees and lush green hills. You can witness the white clouds dancing above the top peaks of the utterly beautiful mountains. Spend your time here and you’ll fall in love with this place.

The Thar Desert

Photo By Rasik Aman

The lifestyle of the Thar Desert is completely different and wouldn’t be found anywhere else in Pakistan. This makes it a place worth visiting. It is occupied by the sandy hills and oasis. Water supply is short here which greatly influence the region. You wouldn’t find the regular green trees and plantation here. In fact, the only plants here are the cactus and thorny bushes. Visiting this place, surviving the heat and living in a mud house with special clothes on is an amazing change.

Hunza Valley

Photo By Usman Khan

IIn the heart of the northern area lies the picturesque Hunza valley. Once you are there, it will be really hard for you to come back. Such is the beauty of this place. You can feel the cool, pleasant weather; enjoy the view of the lush green region and the huge mountains. It is located in Gilgit, Baltistan. The adventurous activities in which you can indulge here is the challenging white water rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

Karachi Beaches

The beaches in Karachi offer a completely different experience to the traveler. Unlike the scenic beauty of the North, these beaches in the South are the perfect place to enjoy the sunset view and feel the water running through your feet. People love to walk in the sand and collect seashells as well. Horse riding, camel riding and making sand castle are other activities that are enjoyed here. The ocean tides at night make the beach more attractive. The worth visiting beaches in Karachi include Clifton, Paradise point, Hawks bay, Manora Island and Cape Mount.

Khanpur Dam

Photo By Amir

Khanpur Dam is located a few kilometers ahead of Islamabad. It displays the best view of the water body in front of the visitor. What makes this place the wildest is the types of different activities one can enjoy here. From diving from a high cliff into the sea to jet skiing and paragliding; a series of daring activities are offered here.

Hingol National Park

The Makran Coast in itself is a stunning place and the Hingol national park there makes it even more worthy of a visit. This park, unlike the normal green area with swings, put on the show a view that you often visualize in the western movies. The terrains at this coast are naturally present in the same fashion as in the West. This attracts the tourist as they can witness the western beauty in Pakistan as well. Main things of attraction here are the beautiful lakes, wildlife animals, and the Hingol mud volcanoes.


Photo By Aman Ahsan

Adventure is all about visiting novel places and discovering something new and interesting. Sukkur, a city rich in history, puts forward the areas that you can visit and enjoy the historical background of the civilization. It offers several beautiful mosques with tremendous architecture and decoration. The tombs of the symbolic icons of the past are also a great place to visit. Such places are rich in artwork and display a mind-blowing view of the stonework as well as painting or calligraphy.

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