Pakistanis are gifted with an abundance of natural wonders with enough lakes, national parks, mountains and rivers…

Pakistanis are gifted with an abundance of natural wonders with enough lakes, national parks, mountains and rivers to explore for a lifetime. We have also got some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls on earth. The best thing about waterfalls is that they are enjoyable in all weathers and rains upon these act like butter on chicken. Here is a list of 13 most enchanting waterfalls of Pakistan which should be your destination this summer.
Once you see one great waterfall, you would be curious to see them all. These beauties are in all varieties from tall to dwarf and small to large.

Waterfalls of Pakistan Reflect its Magnificent Beauty

Jamgar Waterfalls

Photo by Parwez

This magnificent waterfall lies in Neelum valley, surrounded by soaring hills and lush green jungle. This valley is a 200 km arch shape forested area in Azad Kashmir. Whenever you have the chance to visit the Valley never come without watching Jamgar Falls.

Hanna-Urak Waterfalls

Photo by Jamshed Asif

Urak valley, near Hanna lake, is a valley in Quetta district heavily surrounded by mountains. Hanna- Urak waterfall lies at the convergence point of Urak and Walli Tangi valley. These valleys are mostly populated by Kakar community.

Farphu Waterfalls

Photo by Naveed Ahsan

Alam Channa of Pakistani waterfalls, Farphu waterfalls is the tallest waterfall of Pakistan. It is located in Bagrote which is a lush valley in Karakoram mountain region. Farphu waterfall falls as a straight line from the top of the mountain. The road to the Karakoram is mostly inaccessible in winters so this spot should be visited in summers.

Gulpur Waterfalls

Photo by Wasif Maroof

This jewel is located in the Gulpur, a small town in Kotli district. Surrounded by one side with lush green trees and other by little brown hills this waterfall is not of long height. If you want to have some delight in Kashmir, Gulpur waterfall is the best destination, especially in summers.

Neela Sandh Waterfalls

Photo by Parwez Aman

Neela Sandh is a series of blue water ponds. This short height waterfall is located in Mori Syedan, Rawalpindi. Due to its short height, it seems like a stream. It is regarded as a gift for the citizens of twin cities to come and enjoy this fantastic scenery at any time. This has crystal clear water where you can swim freely.

Shingrai Waterfalls

Apart from a number of scenic sites and tourist resorts attracting people, there are a large number of stunning places in Swat valley. One of such places is Shingrai waterfall which is located at the foothills of Dwarsay peaks, about 20 km away to the north. The huge waterfall gives a roaring sound amid gigantic hills overlooking it mesmerizing the visitors. The stunning beauty with the lion-like roars demands a visit if to visit Mingora or Swat.

Pir Ghaib Waterfalls

According to legends, Pir Ghaib was a mystic who came here to revert the locals, after some time they decided to kill him, and knowing this he prayed to God that be his hide. This place which also known by Pir Ghaib waterfalls is some 70 km away from Quetta. This waterfall cataract down rocky mountainside making its way through many streams and ponds. A 4 wheel conveyance is necessary to reach there.

Mantokha Waterfalls

Photo by Traverse Aman Ahsan

This splendid Mantokha Waterfall is located in Madpur, Skardu. This is a huge waterfall with a height of 180 feet. Mantokha is some 40 km away from Skardu. This mind-blowing, breathtaking place is best for the purpose of camping and fishing. It is an eye-catching view.

Sajjikot Waterfalls

Photo by Kashif Raza

The only twin of waterfalls in Pakistan, this wonderful waterfall is at a distance of 24 km from Havelian. It takes three steps to fall from top to bottom. The first two are small but the last one is huge and famous. If you want to visit them, then you should descend just before the main waterfall.

Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

Photo by Nadeem

Without a doubt, Naran Kaghan is most appreciated hill station of Pakistan with an abundance of lakes, waterfalls, and streams. It is 120 km away from Mansehra. Naran Kaghan waterfall into this valley is the most beautiful and attractive waterfall of Pakistan. It is located on the way to Naran Kaghan valley and is lesser known by explorers. It is surrounded by green forests from every side. If you ever visit this hill station, this waterfall deserves a visit.

Cham Waterfalls

Photo Yunus Bakir

With an altitude of 300 meters, Cham waterfall is also an attraction for tourists in Hilan, Azad Kashmir. This is accessible from Muzaffarabad and Chinari town by road. It is probably the second highest waterfall of Kashmir.

Narh Waterfalls

Photo by Tariq Waseem

This splendid waterfall is some 60 km away from Islamabad, in a small village of Kahuta named Narar. If you want to relax and are tired of cliches then give a chance to Narh Falls.

Chotok Waterfalls

Photo credits unknown

Chotok waterfall is also a gem, belong to Balochistan. This waterfall is approximately 100 km from Khuzdar, in a small village named Moola. Chotok waterfalls are surrounded by green grass, herbs, shrubs, mosses and fall like wine in the cup. This waterfall flows between two hills and then change into a canal. This is a quiet and wonderful place to spend holidays and excursions.

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