Tolipir is a hilltop area which lies in the Tehsil Rawalakot, District Poonch, Azad Kashmir. The average elevation of this area is about 8800 feet above sea level. At the top of the hilltop, there are some remains of an old Mazar. The scenes and the landscapes that can be seen from Tolipir are matchless.

Another beauty in the region is the enchanting Banjosa Lake. It is an artificial lake with a tourist resort. It is about 18km from Rawalakot city. It has an altitude of 1,981 meters above sea level. The things that increase the beauty of Banjosa Lake is that it is surrounded by mountains and dense pine trees. This scenery gives Banjosa Lake a romantic and charming view.

The climate of Banjosa Lake is moderated in Summer, while in winter it is cold. This area also receives snowfall in December and January. Tourists visiting the Banjosa Lake can easily get accommodation in hotels and guest houses.
Adventure seekers can also go on hiking in the surrounding pine forest and discover the beauty hidden in these forests.

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