This beauty rich valley is located in the northern region of Pakistan. The snow-covered mountains, dark forests, zigzagging rivers, wild lathering streams, plateaus like green velvet and climate changing from tropical to freezing cold, all this sums up to make this place an outstanding tourist destination. People from all around the world, travel hundreds of miles to visit this exotic beauty.

Azad Kashmir is blessed with a wide-ranging mountainous land varying from high mountains to low hill.  These sky touching mountains go from 2000 to 6000 meters, in height. This place gets visitors of all kinds, those who want breathtaking adventure and those who want a peaceful vacation. Azad Kashmir delivers exceptional occasions for trekking, hiking, mountaineering, camping and much more. Besides these, the region has a huge number of streams and rivers. It provides great opportunities to experience white water sports like; canoeing, kayaking & rafting.

To get to Azad Kashmir you will have come through Islamabad, though you can get a direct route as well, but it is much more fun if you take short stops at different locations. 

Visiting Spots and Ways to Approach to Azad Kashmir

The Main hub of Azad Kashmir is Muzaffarabad, so it is that best you get there direct. The road to Muzaffarabad is complete, safe and properly constructed. From here you get anywhere quite easily. Like Leepa Valley is at an approximate distance of 28 miles from Muzaffarabad and you get a good, fair route from the Nile to Leepa. The route goes all the way up to Reshian Gali and then lands down at your destination. This way you get to visit Reshian Gali as well. It is a village with unparalleled scenic beauty.

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Then opposite to this valley is Chananian, at the Line of Control. The main attraction at this place is the Nullah Qazi Naag, which flows nearby. The dense forest of tall old pine trees, grown all over the hilly landscape make this a behold place. Dao Khan is again a place that is about 75 kilometer north from Muzaffarabad and can be accessed through a route from Reshian. Though this route is unpaved yet it is well maintained. The atmosphere, landscape, calm ambiance and panoramic sites make this place a must visit.

Neelam Valley the most visited place of Azad Kashmir, is well associated and can be easily accessed through Muzaffarabad. The route can get dangerous if the weather is bad. This valley is known for its historical and natural beauty. Sharda Peeth is a historical temple, this place explains the history of the valley. A beautiful river flows through the valley, the flowing sound and reflection of the river water make this place a peaceful visit.

Sarwali Peak is mostly visited by people who want the thrill. It is the peak of the mountain range in Azad Kashmir. If you visit this valley you will also get a chance to visit

  • Shounter Pass,
  • Chitta Katha Lake,
  • Ratti Gali Lake,
  • Baboon, Nuri-Top,
  • Sharda,
  • Kutton-Jagran,

And many other places

So going to this one place is like going to many different places in one go. The route to all of these places is not much constructed but is still maintained by the local people.  If you want to experience touching the sky and feel the clouds moving through you, then this is a must go.

Then there is a tourist valley near Neelum valley called Kundal Shahi. This place offers you natural and commercial developments, like hotels to stay. The route is not dangerous to here. Then there are many historical forts that you can visit all located near the capital of Azad Kashmir:

  • RamKot Fort
  • Red Fort
  • Sharda Peeth
  • Pir Chinasi
  • Burjun Fort
  • Black Fort (Gojra Fort)
  • Food and Culture Guidelines

Mostly Pahari language is spoken in this area but people do understand Urdu as well. Kashmiri, Gojri, Hindi, Pahari and Ladakhi, Dograi is also spoken and understood by people of this region. This land is rich in cultures, tradition, and historical norms. They are very hard working and independent people. They have their own government and are very strict when it comes to rules and regulations.

Majority population is of Muslims but other religions are also found here like Hinduism, Buddhism and a few other. These people encourage education and modern art in their youth. Azad Kashmir is a land rich taste and spices. Their foods and dishes are as unique as their landscape. Some of their famous dishes are:

  • Goshtaba
  • Rogan Josh
  • Matschgand
  • Kaanti Syoon Pulao
  • Yakhni
  • Qabargah
  • Lyodoor Tschaman
  • Muj Gaad
  • Modur Pulao
  • Dum Oloo

Moreover, due to extremely cold weather, people of this region drink a black tea called Kashmiri chai. It is their specialty and is only found in this region. It is made from different herbs. They also eat a dish made just from dry fruit like almonds, walnuts, apricots and many other such things.

With time Azad Kashmir has also adapted the modern culture and aim to expand its networks globally but even with such approach they have held their historical cultures and traditions root strongly. Women are seen wearing long loose dresses, head covered and wearing lots of silver jewelry. Men wear a shawl called looi

Their sophistication can be seen through their handicrafts like wooden furniture, carpets, shawls and wooden carvings. This work is famous worldwide and is only found in this region.


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