The Soon Valley is in the District of Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan. It is in the salt range of Pakistan and Sakesar is the highest peak in the salt range. This valley is enriched with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, ponds, jungle, and natural pools.
The highest peak, Sakesar is about 5,010 m feet above sea level. The Sakesar mountain is the only mountain in Punjab which receives snowfall in winter. There is a television transmission center at the top of the mountain with which PTC transmits its transmission to the surrounding areas.

The valley is surrounded by lush green hills that provide a breathtaking scene to its visitors. This valley also hosts migratory birds in winter and is also the home of several wildlife species. The valley also has a historical background. Sultan Mehmud Ghaznavi conquered the Punjab region after Kabul in 1005.
Later the clan of Jajua and after them, the Awans settled in the valley. The Awans of Soon Valley also served in the British Indian Army.

Soon Valley has many tourist places to visit. This valley is the hub of natural spots filled with natural beauty. Soon Valley has many historical places like Tulhath Fort, Akran Fort, Anmb Shareef, and Nurshingh Phowar. The natural places include Uchali lake, Khabeki Lake, Kanhatti Gardens, Jahlar lake, Daip Shareef, and Anmb Shareef.

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