The Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is blessed with countless beautiful places and Shogran Valley is one of them. Shogran is a hill station in the Kaghan Valley at a height of 2,362 meters above sea level.
The people of Shogran are very humble and friendly. The facility of Hotels and motels is available at affordable cost. Tourists rush towards the Kaghan Valley in the summers and it is extremely populated as compared to the winters.
A huge number of families are attracted every year. One should pay a visit to the Forest Rest House that offers huge lush green lawns, and the views of Siri Paye and Musa ks Musala Peak from the lawns of the rest house. The adventure seekers can enjoy hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing too.

At Siri Paye, there’s a Lake called Paye Lake where the tourists can enjoy horse riding. Moreover, the Siri Paye is a fertile lush green meadow. Its altitude is 2380 meters above the Shog4ran Plateau.
The other attraction in Shogran Valley include the Malkandi Forest and Mini Zoo Shogran. Malkandi Forest is a dense and deep forest and play the role of adventure activities for the adults. Adults can trek, hike, and explore this dense forest. While exploring Malkandi Forest, you may face leopards and black bears, so it is necessary to take care of your safety.

The Mini Zoo Shogran is a unique tourist attraction in the Shogran Valley. It is a small zoo with leading facilities and a variety of birds. You can have pets and feed them too but all this can be done after getting permission from the zoo officials.

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