The region of Azad Kashmir is bestowed with some precious gems that can’t be found anywhere in the World. One of those gems is Ratti Gali Lake. The Rattli Gali lake is located in the Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. It has an altitude of 12,130 feet and the source of the lake’s water is the water coming from melting glaciers surrounded by the lake.
The Ratti Gali Lake is one of the most beautiful and highest lakes in Pakistan. It is surrounded by mountains and lush green grass that gives a feeling of freshness to its visitors. The serenity, grandeur, color and landscape of the Ratti Gali is unmatchable.

Ratti Gali is accessible from Dowarian, a village in Neelum Valley that is about 236km far from Muzaffarabad. From Dowarian, you will have to take a 4*4 Jeep to reach Ratti Gali Base Camp which is 18km far. From the base camp, a trek of 1-1.5 hours will take you to the mesmerizing Ratti Gali.
Ratti Gali is closed in winter due to the heavy snowfall. The roads to Ratti Gali are blocked from November to April. It should be visited in summer and see the lush green meadows around the lake. The sunsets and sunrises at Ratti Gali are amazing and worth watching.

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