Naltar Valley is a valley in District Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is about 54 kilometers from Gilgit and is accessible on jeeps. It is a forested region with multiple scenic views and mountains.
It is a valley that is far away from the hustle-bustle of Gilgit-Baltistan and is surrounded by snow-covered mountains enriched with natural beauty that captivates one’s attraction. The valley produces the best potatoes in the world that are referred to be the tastiest.
The lush green and tall forest of the valley gives a beautiful view. It is particularly unique to see most of the area in Naltar covered with trees. The whole valley is a delight for eyes. At night, one can witness the billions of stars shining in the sky and also get a chance to see the milky way that emerges behind the mountains. The view of the milky way will make you stunned and you will be speechless at this beauty of God.

In the winter season, the adventure lovers come here for a wonderful experience of skiing. Tourists come around the world to enjoy skiing here as this place is one of two places in Pakistan for skiing. The Ski Resort is administered by the PAF. There are chair lifts that take skiers to the top of the slope from where they start their adventure.
Naltar Valley is full of beauty that is unexplainable in words. Here you will find 3 magnificent lakes of Pakistan. Those lakes are collectively known as Naltar Lakes. Rainbow lake is situated at an altitude ranging from 3050-3150. From Upper Naltar, Rainbow Lake is about 8 miles and the road leading to the lake is not in good condition.

The second lake in Naltar is the Blue Star Lake that is about 1 km from the Rainbow Lake. the watercolor of Blue Star Lake is blue and the lake is very deep. The third last lake is Bodroko Lake that means Dusty Black Lake. It is 15 km from Naltar Bala and is located at Kottay. Kottay is a place in Naltar Valley that’s surrounded by beautiful mountains.
Naltar Valley is a peaceful valley with loving people. Here two languages are spoken i.e. Shina and Gujjri. The climate of Naltar is moderate in the summer season whereas the winter is extremely cold.

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