Thinking about traveling to Pakistan, must consider these things while you are planning the trip to Pakistan. We promise that you will have a lifetime experience. Traveling to Pakistan is totally the best adventure and ultimate experience. But remember this is not an easy place to travel. As well as there are a lot of things to know beforehand. Pakistan travel places are giving you everything that you need to know in this blog. It includes all the traveling pieces of information, the transportations, culture etiquette, the behavior, costs and so many more.

How to Get Visa For Travelling or visiting Pakistan

In the last year of May 2019, it is not possible to get a visa on the road. But after 2019 they finally introduce e-visa systems and there are up to 176 nationalities that can apply for the visa online for Pakistan.

Things you need to know about e-visa

  • Visa length
  • Multi entry 
  • Price
  • Timing
  • Letter of invitation

How to make visa extensions

Extension of visa in Pakistan is kind of a confusing process. As there were a lot of experience and rules that were continuously changing, but finally you can get visa extensions by e-visa portal. If you visit Pakistan on regular bases then you can extend visas by any major office of major cities. But remember the easiest place is in Lahore.

Best Time to Visit Pakistan

If you want to visit Pakistan in winters (mid-November to February), then totally visit the Sindh province. There are a lot of mountains that Pakistan is kind of not famous for but there religiously diverse regions of Pakistan. In summers ( June to September ) spend visiting most of the time in northern areas, especially tracking highly altitude mountains.

Culture Behavior and Other Facts When Traveling to Pakistan

Urdu language which is a bit like Hindi, it is the official language of Pakistan. 

Pakistan is a famous ethnically and culturally diverse country. From South Asian people looking are from Punjab and Sindh, the people of Pashtun areas are like Iran and Afghanistan people, Kaghan culture of Kalash, Shias from Gilgit and Kaghan, the Islamic of lower Hunza and Wakhis are also Islamic.

The hospitability can always be overwhelming

During your traveling, where ever you go, people invite you to lunch, dinner and even on breakfast and most important to stay at their houses. After all the invitation you will refuse but they will invite you again, over and over again. They carry your bags, help you in every case, offer you food so many times, even if you say that you are full. Because these are their cultural rule and you are there guests. Just please do not get angry with their overwhelming. Remember this is a cultural thing.

Traditional Dress

The traditional Pakistani dress is shalwar kameez. It is not must be wearing this dress but if you wore shalwar kameez, it makes you feel a lot more comfortable in Pakistanis. Should you wear shalwar kameez? If you do people really appreciate it, especially Pasthons areas.


In their cultural terms, Pakistan is a fundamental country you have ever been to. You have to be very careful about their rules and responsibilities. If you respect their rules, they will respect you and you will have the best time ever in Pakistan.

Security and Safety While Traveling to Pakistan

Pakistan is a totally safe and comfortable place. This place is not dangerous but you should always be cautious everywhere. When you go in there the situations are always getting better and better. And the police of Pakistan are always there to help you. They sometimes ask you who are you? Where are you from? But this is their interest in knowing you and showing you there country. But yes you register more than 100 post checks in Pakistan. Woman solo traveling in Pakistan is safer than you ever think of it. 

Always remember, in Pakistan everything is possible. You just need to open up a bit. 

We hope this information is all that you need for a planning trip to Pakistan. If we miss something, we would like to hear it from you.

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