The Queen of Mountains, Murree is a mountain resort town located in District Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. It is the most commonly visited tourist point in Pakistan and people every year come and enjoy the beautiful climate of this town.
The economy of Murree heavily depends on tourism. The tourism season continues all over the year but it is highly populated from May to August and then in October and November. Murree also has a variety of rare species including the leopard. Common animals of Murree are the rhesus monkey, foxes, wild boar, and different species of birds.

Galyat region is in Murree and District Abbottabad, and is a nice tourist place. Galyat is derived from the plural of an Urdu word gali that means an alley between two mountains. Many tourist places in Galyat are given the name gali at their end, that’s why this region is known as Galyat.
Murree is surrounded by dense green trees, and the cold weather, fresh air, and beautiful scenic views attract tourists. The clouds on the road and walking in clouds is something that gives you a sense of joy and makes you fresh.

Patriata is a hill station and is also known as New Murree. People visiting Murree commonly visit this attractive place and enjoy the sightseeing. The main attraction for the tourists over here is the Gandola chairlift and the cable car. The Gandola chairlift and the cable car take the tourists to the highest points and let them discover the dense forest beneath the cable car.
Other hot places to visit in Murree are the Mall Road, Kashmir Point, Nathiagali, Ayubia, Pindi Point, Bhurban, Murree Hills, and many other beautiful places.

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