Mahodand Lake – The Lake of Fishes is in the upper Usho Valley, Kalam, District Swat, Pakistan. Mahodand Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the World. It is recommended to visit this place from April to September. From June to August, you will get a chance to enjoy the green landscape and visit glaciers closely.

Mahodand Lake is located at an elevation of 2,865 meters and is surrounded by meadows and the dense trees. The banks of the lake are covered by pine trees that give a boost to its beauty. The water of the lake is very cool and the views of the lake are just breathtaking.

The primary contributors for the lake’s water are the melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountain. The water of the lake is a major left tributary for the River Swat.
During the winter season, the lake is frozen and is covered with heavy snow. In summer, tourists rush towards this lake to enjoy some cheerful moments with their loved ones. Adventurous activities like fishing, boating, and camping are also carried out by the tourists.
The lake is accessible from Kalam on a 4*4 Jeep or on a private car too. But it is recommended to visit the lake on a 4 *4 Jeep.

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