Kanhatti garden is located in the Soon Valley, District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan, and is a beautiful travel destination. It is a home to some beautiful and stunning waterfalls that give marvelous views. These beauties in the Kanhatti Garden have made it a major tourist attraction in Soon Valley.
Kanhatti garden was established in 1933 by Major W Whet Burn who was a District Engineer of Shahpore. Kanhat is a natural rock that is found in natural water springs. On the name of that rock, this area has been given the name of Kanhatti Garden.

This place is a home to some indigenous flora and fauna. Several herbs and shrubs, 15 types of grass, and 15 species of tall trees have been found from Kanhatti Garden. Different birds like Punjab Urial, Black and Grey Partridges, Woodpecker, and Golden Orioles are found here. Not only birds, here one can find six different species of fish.
Tourists visiting Kanhatti Garden can enjoy the camping, garden viewpoint, caravan parks, camel riding, sighting of wildlife species, and much more. This destination is full of natural gifts that are very lovely and beautiful. The natural water springs, water mills, water pools, and captivating waterfalls are some masterpieces of nature that can be seen by the visitors.

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