Indeed, Mount Everest is renowned for being highest mountain of the world, but do you know that mountains of….

Indeed, Mount Everest is renowned for being highest mountain of the world, but do you know that mountains of Pakistan stand like a paradise for mountaineers and climbers having a fame for their beauty and adventure worldwide.

It’s time to Re-explore Pakistan having highest mountains of the world.

Chogori K-2

Having the height of  around 8,611m, K2 has been a top most attraction for mountaineers right after the great Mount Everest. However, the second biggest peak of the world is ranked also as second highest in fatality rate among 8,000; but along with all the life threatening adventures, climbers can’t stay away to explore it and to satisfy their charm of hiking.

K2 peak

Photo by Doug Kofsky

Nanga Parbat

After having a glimpse of the great K2, meet the mountain of Pakistan known, Nanga Parbat! Height is about 8,126m and location is the place of Diamer. The mountain is also known as the “Killer Mountain” because of its dramatic and adventurous peak. As it has vitnessed a large amount of deaths in 20th century, but climbers take its hiking expedition as a challenge to accomplish rather to be refrained from it.

Nanga Parbat

Photo by Ahmed Sajjab Zaidi


Gasherbrum is 3rd highest peak which is located on China-Pakistan border. It’s privileged as 11th largest peak of the world. Its beauty can be supposed by its name, Gasherbrum which means a Shining Wall.


Photo by Sylweczka

Falchan Kangri

Now, here we’ve Falchan Kangri which is 4th highest peak of the region, with the height of approximately 8,047m. This mountain has been a centre of professionals and fresh climbers that they practice hiking and explore its ever-green beauty.


Broad Peak

Know about Broad park? Yes, it’s the pride of Skardu and as broad as its name. The height of this mountain is about 8,051m and located in the Karakoram mountain range. It’s adventurous climbings opens a world of new tricks to learn for hikers  during expedition.

Broad peak

Photo by Muhammad Ibrahim

Tirich Mir

The highest peak of Hindukush, Tirich Mir has been grabed the charm of visitors and mountaineers. It has a height of 7,708 m and can be seen easily from the Bazar of Chitral and even outside the Pakistani border in Afghanistan.

Tirich Mir peak

Photo by Ishtiaq Ahmed

Ganga Choti

A spectacular view of 4,060 m high Ganga Choti is situated in the heaven of Pakistan, the Azad Jammu Kashmir. It’s surrounded by lush green meadows and easier to be climbed even without technical hiking equipment.

Ganga Choti

Photo by Mushtaq Jams

Makra Peak

It’s one of the most beautiful, as well as the most convenient peaks to be climbed by the non-professional trackers and ordinary climbers. It has a height of 5,000 m and can be accessed through the way of Shogran in Kaghan valley.

Makra peak

Photo by Umair Ashraf

Miranjani Peak

It’s privileged as highest peak of Galial region of KPK province of Pakistan and its height is approximately 3,000 m. You may start ii hiking from the stunning location of Governor’s House in Nathia Gali which can be easily accomplished in couple of hours.

Miranjani peak

Photo by FRK Khan

Ladyfinger Peak

It’s wonderful long vertical shaped peak which is located in the Korakoram range in the city of Gilgit in Gilgit Baltistan. The layout of the peak highlights the peak specifically among all the peaks of Korakoram range. With the height of 6,000 m, it has been significantly the medium of climber’s attraction.

Ladyfinger Peak

Photo by Feng Wei

Rakaposhi Peak

Rakaposhi peak is the 12th largest peak of Pakistan and is 27th largest peak of the world.  Its height is about 25,550 feet above the ground. It is located in Nagar Valley which is about 100 meters away from Gilgit. Rakaposhi typically means “Snow-covered”. This is a huge peak with a heavy layer of snow on it. Rakaposhi is quite difficult to climb due to the very low temperature. Anyone who want to climb should be prepared to suffer from severe frostbite. There is tourist spot near the mountain called “Ghulmat” from where the Rakaposhi mountain can be viewed very closely and easily.–

Rakaposhi peak

Photo by Muhammad Akram Attari

Hunza Peak

Hunza peak is located in the west of famous Hunza Valley. It is 20,570 feet high. This beautiful mountain can be viewed from the Hunza river. During summer season, the weather is quite pleasant here. But in winter season , it is pretty much cold to bear. No matter you are visiting Hunza peak in summers or winter, the amazing thing is that you will gain a thrilling experience for sure!

Hunza peak

Photo by Ghazi Ghulam Raza

Passu Sar Top:

The Karakoram Range has a vast  number of sub-ranges within its surroundings. Passu Sar peak is the part of one of the sub-ranges of Karakoram Range called Batura Muztagh. It is the 54th highest peak in the world. Ralf Lehmann, Max Wallner, Dirk Naumann and Volker Vurning are the people who climbed Passu Sar peak first. This beautiful and attractive mountain captures the attention of tourists with its breathtaking beauty.

Passu Sar peak

Photo by Sultanalipassu

Babu Sar Top

Babu Sar top is 93 miles from the great Kaghan Valley in the Northern Pakistan. Its height is about 13, 691 feet. It is the highest peak of Babusar Valley. The temperature lies between 3-11 degrees in the normal season. However, during monsoon it is restricted to visit this top due to its slippery road. This is a very famous tourist destination as it is accessed by cars easily. If you are having a mood of a refreshing long drive, Babusar is the best option!

Babusar top

Photo by Saad Zafar 91

Khunyang Chhish Peak

Hizpar Muztagh, a sub-range of  Karakoram Mountain range holds a lovely and the most captivating mountain peak that is Khunyang Chhish Mountain peak. It is the second highest peak of Hizpar Muztagh. Its height is about 25,666 feet. It is the 8th highest peak of Pakistan and ranked 21st in the whole world. Khunyang Chhish peak represents a charming scene as it is surrounded by the beautiful Hizpar glacier!

Khunyang Chhish peak

Photo by Jennifer

Although, the list of hiking expeditions is quite long a Pakistan is abundant with the treasure trove of mountains and  It’s endless to talk about the adventures and bestowed bounties by the nature. Must direct the tour towards Pakistan if you really have the passion of climbing the peaks of your dreamy mountains.

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