(Newsdesk – Pakistan Travel Places, Dated 12th June 2018): Two people of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) team….

(Newsdesk – Pakistan Travel Places, Dated 12th June 2018): Two people of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) team started their journey to explore the distinct areas of Gandhara civilization that will be used for the documentary.

KBS visited different areas of Pakistan such as Peshawar, Lahore, and Gilgit where they filmed many Buddhist sites.

According to Miss Hong while talking to the Dawn newspaper about the visit paid to Pakistan, member of KBS, she has visited many countries including Sri Lanka, Thailand and China for the purpose of capturing photos and recording numerous sites, but what seems to be the distinct features and qualities in Pakistan are the unmatchable potential of resources, cultural diversity which make it the highly esteemed and valued nation in the world.

She was of the view that Pakistan has been able to fully capture my personality because of the kindness, calmness, tolerance and best personality traits of the local inhabitants of the country. Along with this according to her, the people of Pakistan are appeared to be very hospitable and quite humble and generous.

It was the first visit the KBS team has paid to Pakistan. But she had been able to highlight something very important which remained unnoticed for many of the foreigners and tourists or the general public of the European countries. She said that she did have misconception, misperceptions, and misinterpretations about the state of Pakistan, as many of the foreign media persons do have about this country. But once she visited the diverse parts of the land of the pure and Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and different cities; it was observed and noticed that this country is quite opposite to what many termed it. She observed that it brings enlightenment to her life and happiness after witnessing diverse cultures, traditions, food cuisine, and political structure.

With the help of documentary, she maintained that documentary will be the way that would help to display positive image of Pakistan by portraying it a peaceful nation, tolerant society and hospitality. That unexplored or unnoticed picture and statue of Buddha from Pakistan would be shown to the Buddhists around the world. She revealed that this is the 13 visit made to Pakistan and every time she discovers a different and new Pakistan.

It had been known that Buddhist followers of Korea have the deep-seated religious and emotional attachment to the state of Pakistan and this documentary would have a way to improve the strategic relationship between the two neighboring countries.

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