Yearning to get a complete lack of ideas to take off for Pakistan? Well, we know that planning a trip to abroad is….

Yearning to get a complete lack of ideas to take off for Pakistan? Well, we know that planning a trip to abroad is a daunting thing and you may come across such queries; what would be the first step? how to execute it? how to manage the budget properly? By considering all your possible requirements regarding a trip to Pakistan, we’ve made the hunt easier in just 20 simple steps. All is need to just follow the guide to get out the door and visit Pakistan.

20 Easy Steps to Visit Pakistan

1. Decide the duration of trip

To define an estimated cost for a visit or trip, first of all it’s quite important to decide that for how many days you are going to spend in Pakistan.

2. Decide a destination to land

Along with duration, the initial destination also matters a lot to be decided for landing and staying. Contact a tourism guide +92 321 410 6223 to help in making your mind regarding destinations which suit you.

3. Define the nature of trip to be pursued

The nature of trip actually depends on the state of your pocket or the actual budget kept in hand also stimulates the activities of the trip. It’s vice versa.

4. Start making budget

You are spending money and how you can cut back. People bleed a lot of money every day through small purchases: that bottle of water, the dollar for that snack, that extra coffee. All of that adds up and creating this breakdown can let you know where you need to cut and save.

5. Apply for visa

  • To apply for Visa, first you have to pay visa application fee.
  • Then you will have to schedule your appointment for interview and further proceedings
  • Visit the Pakistani embassy or consulate on the scheduled date to conduct your Visa interview.

6. Get information about Pakistani Embassies overseas

  • Pakistani Embassy in Toronto, Canada:

Located: 7880 Keele Street, Unit 14, Vaughan, ON L4K 4G7, Canada

  • Pakistani Embassy in Vancouver, Canada:

Located: Suite 1400, 510 West Hastings, Vancouver BC, V6B 1L8

  • Pakistani Embassy in Bremen, Germany:

Located: Contrescarpe 45, 28195 Bremen

  • Pakistani Embassy in Hong Kong, China:

Located: China Resources Building, Room 3806, 38th Floor, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

  • Pakistani Embassy in Canberra, Australia:

Located: 4 Timbarra Crescent O’Malley ACT 2606, P.O. Box 684 Mawson, Australia

  • Pakistani Embassy in Vienna, Australia:

Located: Hofzeile 13, A-1190 Vienna, Austria

  • Pakistani Embassy in Delhi, India:

Located: 2/50-G, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021

  • Pakistani Embassy in Azerbaijan:

Located: Ataturk Avenue Gandjlik, Baku, 370069, Azerbaijan

  • Pakistani Embassy in Manama, Bahrain:

Located: Building No. 35, Road No. 1901, Block No. 319, Hoora, P. O. Box 563, Manama, Bahrain

  • Pakistani Embassy in Dhaka Bangladesh:

Located: Me (C)-2, Road No.71, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Pakistan Embassy in Brussels, Belgium:

Located: 57 Avenue Delleur, 1170 Brussels, Belgium

  • Pakistani Embassy in Gent Belgium:

Located: Kijkuitstraat 1, Nazareth 9810, Belgium

6. Try to go for travel bonus offers

It’s quite a smart way to look for different travels rewards credit cards offers available in your region. First, ensure its regulatory policy and then you may definitely avail it. Because its offered bonuses may facilitate your trip a lot and provide traveling and staying allowances.

7. Stay Focused

Along with other preparations, it’s too necessary to stay focused and inspired with your all working. As well as, be clear in your plan’s startups and findings to achieve the goal of your tour. Always remember that a focused mind and a clear cut conceptual road map of targets saves time, effort and money too.

8. Remove all the hurdles if any

By analyzing all the proceedings, be done with your program and get your visa in your hand first. If there is any hurdle, don’t be careless whether it’s minor or sever, try to resolve it on top priority.

9. Book your Flight

Finally, it’s time to get a ticket to take off for your expedition in Pakistan. If it’s a season of tourism and ideal to visit the hill station of this region then you must have to put a little bit more effort to book the flight as compared to offseason.

10. Decide a destination to stay

Karachi is the largest and Lahore is the 2nd largest city of Pakistan. Both are center of tourism and foreigner’s attraction. No doubt, Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and has been a hub of international staying. These 3 top cities most significantly lead to all adventurous places and ways to move throughout the country. But of course, it’s a suggestion and you may plan a stay at a desirable venue.

11. Gather information about your area

To spend days at any new place, it’s important to explore the area and the status of surroundings. It keeps you aware, as well as make you confident to move in outer space easily. Hence, get familiar with your space ASAP.

12. Get in touch with local friend/guide

Want accompany and guidance too? Try to hang out with your local friend(if any) or make a worthy companion as the guide who can catch you up in your trip.

13. Culture that you will have to experience

As having 5 provinces, Pakistan has a diverse and rich culture. But nationally spoken language is Urdu and you may even enjoy a lot while having a talk with local people. You will come across different living styles.

14. Social Norms to keep in mind

It’s highly recommended to behave according to the social norms that you may experience regarding dressing up, interacting with people, visiting public places and so on.

15. Rules and regulations to follow

As every state contain its rules and regulations for civilians, you also follow them by gathering information regarding the matter of concern. Particularly you’ve to be alert while driving as the traffic situations in main areas is quite rushy there.

16. Keep in touch with online location guide

Now, everything is available in your phone then what’s need to be in hassle? Try to connect with your mobile data and get aware of your way to meet your destinations. Whereas, a local guide may also prop you up in a promising way.

17. Must know how to use national currency

Mostly it happens that foreigners are not aware to use the local currency of the country which they visit the first time. Must consider it a crucial thing as all your trip based on budget management, so learn about using money. A simple tip is to compare the worth of PKR with USD or your local currency and make a calculation of set budget in rupees to spend.

18. Health measures

Sometimes it happens that the rapid change in a geographical area doesn’t suits or even it’s not your story then also be careful at a new living atmosphere. Always keep your first aid box with you while traveling.

19. Enjoy your trip

You are going to explore Pakistan, the land of four seasons and five rivers. Not only this, it ’s heaven for mountaineers and climbers overseas. And if talk about it’s historical and archaeological significance, it’s like endless monuments and places to explore and get wonder. So, be ready with you long list of tourism expeditions and enjoy the trip.

20. Be organized in your preparation to take off back to home

It’s your trip and hit the expedition hunt in full swing but also be prepared every time for your last day in Pakistan. You have to be organized in your luggage management, as well be much careful to take care of your passport and visa by placing them in secure access.

Wish you a safe and entertaining journey!

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