The region of Galiyat in Pakistan is filled with extremely beautiful places that one can easily visit and enjoy the mountainous scenes with beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Dagri Bangla is one of those gems in the Galyat Region. It is located in the Galyat Region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan between the treks of Nathiagali and Thandiani.
Dagri is a local word having the meaning of “The home of Leopards”. It is situated at an elevation of 2720 meters above sea level. The lush green spectacular mountains of the Galyat Region are worth sighting.

There are two-three treks to reach Dagri Bangla but here you will get the easiest one to reach although it’s a long trek but at the same time it’s the beautiful one. This trek starts from Nathiagali. From Nathiagali, you will have to trek towards Miranjani Top. And from Miranjani Top, your trek will lead you to Dagri Bangla. At the start, the trek looks difficult but after a short time, you will feel at ease. The trek is fully loaded with beautiful and scenic views.
The area of Dagri Bangla is surrounded by dense pine trees and is considered as the most dense pine forest of the Galyat Region. If you are lucky enough to get clear weather at the time of your visit, then you can enjoy the awesome sunset view at Dagri Bangla.

At the Dagri Top, there’s a rest house that accommodates the tourists and is not in a very good condition. But still you can enjoy camping at the top or get accommodation in the Bungalow.
Overall, this is the best place to visit and relish with your loved ones away from the hustle-bustle of the city and your busy lives.

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