The billion tree tsunami project launched in the year 2014 by the cricket legend turned politician, Imran Khan, in….

The lush green land is not so far to become a future of KPK by the end of this year. The tsunami of billion trees is going to take-over the deforestation in Pakistan.

The billion tree tsunami project launched in the year 2014 by the cricket legend turned politician, Imran Khan, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan has proven to be one of the most extraordinary steps taken by the government in the history of Pakistan. The act to prevent deforestation and promote afforestation is truly admirable and a great initiative to a healthier future.
Pakistan ranks 7th on the list of countries which are most likely to be affected by the climate change which is why the government of KPK started this project to slow down the effects of global warming in Pakistan. The project aims to restore the natural beauty of the KPK province by turning the deforested lands of KPK into the lush green land that it was known for.
This afforestation project is the key to protecting the residents of the country from the destructive impacts of the changing climate and to establishing a brighter and healthier future for our coming generations.

Siri Paye peak
Photo by Aasim Mukhtar

Forests are so much more than the symbol of nature. They are our natural armor against the changing climate. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduce the harmful impact that it has on the living things in an area.
“If you plant trees, we have discovered, by the river banks it sustains the rivers. But most importantly, the glaciers that are melting in the mountains and one of the biggest reasons are because there has been a massive deforestation. So, this billion tree (campaign) is very significant for our future.” Said by Imran Khan.
According to the report of 2015 by UN Food and Agriculture Organization, less than 2% of the land of Pakistan is covered by forests which are nothing compared to the population explosion that we are facing today. The Afforestation project aims to increase the forest area by at least 2% in the region in the minimum time possible. The project already contributes to the 40% forested lands of Pakistan and there is yet more to come.
The purpose of the project is not only to drive Pakistan out of the phenomena of deforestation but also to conserve other natural resources by increasing the timber, firewood and fodder production. The aim is to make local life better by increasing the income earned from forest products and services.
Nothing can be achieved without the participation of the citizens of Pakistan which is why Rab Nawaz, the senior Director of programs for WWF-Pakistan, showed his appreciation for the project and said that the credit of Billion Trees Tsunami not only goes to the planting but also to the changing attitudes of the masses. “Nothing is impossible. Everything can be achieved if we stick together. The initiative for planting trees shouldn’t only be practiced in KPK but also in the other provinces of Pakistan so that we can proudly pass on a healthier and improved Pakistan to our children.”

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