Arang Kel is a lush green village, hill station and tourist spot in Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located on the hill top above Kel at the altitude of 8,379 feet (2,554 m) feet.[1]

The village is accessible by a 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) trek from Kel. The location can also be accessed by a kilomter long chair left administrated by Pak Amry.To reach Kel people usually enter into the Neelam valley from Muzafarabad.Road are good private cars can approach easily till kel. Kel is located just 19 kilometers (12 mi) ahead from Sharda at the altitude of 6,879 feet (2,097 m). We can also went there through straight hiking, without using Lift. we can easily hike in 2.5 hours in normal weather without rain. In rain the track is so slippery so it May take much time to reach the destination.


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