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Ideologically, Pakistan is an Islamic State. Pakistani culture is mainly based on the Islamic means of life. All other cultural traits are inspired by Islam. Pakistani culture is emphasized by its simplicity, firm convictions, grandeur and noble deeds and ideas.

Pakistan is a South Asian country. It shares borders with China (North-East), Iran (West), Afghanistan (North West) and India (East) while Arabian Sea (1046 km/650 mi) marks its Southern boundary.

Pakistan gained freedom from British India on August 14, 1947. Pakistan consists of four provinces Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa;a capital region and governmentally controlled tribal zones (FATA).

Customs of a country are judged by their religion, their language, citizen’s behavior, the way of doing work, their ceremonies and by their laws. All these elements mix together to form a culture of a country. However, culture doesn’t have a presence of its own. It is always dependent on belief and views of people, but it is also true that culture is a pillar of any country.

Pakistan geography is the blend of central Asia,  south Asia, and west Asia so the culture of Pakistan is distinctive than other countries, it’s a mixture of Islamic, regional, global influences, Increasing globalization has enhanced the pressure of western culture and Pakistan culture.


Religion is not only the base of the culture of Pakistan but it is also an active force that can offer the meeting ground for all the regional cultures of Pakistan. The leading religion in Pakistan is Islam, followed by 95.98% of people. The other 2.5% are Christians, Hindus and other religions.


Urdu is the national language which is spoken and understands throughout the country. Although, there are main two common languages Urdu and English and some other languages are Punjabis, Pasto, Sindhi, and Balochi and other regional languages are Saraiki, Hindko and Brahui.


The Pakistani literature comes after the partition of Pakistan and India. Essential two sorts of literature, Urdu and English literature of south Asia over a time.


Poetry is skill and profession in Pakistan. It was initiated in Persian Empire. After the independence, poetry is written in Urdu language and also local language. Pakistan is known as the land of poetry .


The Pakistani music has a large diversity, folk, and traditional music are renowned in Pakistan, such as Qawwali and Gazal Gayaki into recent forms synchronization of Qawwali and western music is popular.


Kathak is a classical dance established in the Mughal period and other folk dances are Bhangada, Luddi, Sammi of Punjab, Lewa, chap of Baluchistan, Attan and Khattak of Khyber and Dhammal, Ho jamalo, Jumro of Sindh.


Food does play a role in many events . Flavors and curries are a central part of any Pakistani recipe. Spices which are uses in the daily life are chili turmeric, powder,  black and red pepper, ginger, saffron, cumin seed, paprika, garlic, bay leaf, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and poppy seed. Because of use of spice and curry, the side dish of Pakistan is plain rice, in the south part of the country food is more exotic and highly spiced.


In Pakistan marriage is known as “Nikah” in these is proper legal document is signed by the bride and groom in the presence of several family members or witness these establish that the couple is legally married. The other Muslim marriage custom is known as “Mayun”,  “Mehndi”  etc.



14th of Shaaban, the 8th Islamic month.


End of fasting month on 1st of Shawwal, the 10th month of Islamic Calendar

Sibi Festival

Last week of Feb

Sindh Horse & Cattle Show

Last week of Feb


Mid-February every year

Pakistan Day

23 March

Mela Chiraghan (Festival of lamps)

Last week of March

Horse & Cattle Show

End of March till 1st week of April


In April for 01 week


10 Zilhaj, 12th month of Islamic Calendar

Joshi or Chilimjusht

14-15 May


12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal – the 3rd month of Islamic Calendar

Shandur Polo Festival


15-16 July

Independence Day

14 August

Defense of Pakistan Day

6 September

Air force Day

7 September


20 – 25 September

Lok Mela

1st week of October, for one week


18-21 October

Birthday of Allama Muhammad Iqbal

09 November