Kutwal Lake

Kutwal Valley is located at in the Hramosh Valley at the hight of 3100 Meters, Haramosh lies about 65 kilometres (40 mi) east of Gilgit, in the south-central region of the Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains, a subrange of the Karakoram range. It rises steeply above the north bank of the Indus River, a little ways upstream of its confluence with the Gilgit River.

The tall tale lake of Kutwal 3300 m High. It sparkles under the shadows of Haramosh Peak 7409 Mt and Mani Peak 6684 m flanked by the Mani Glacier. Towards its South west are the snow secured edges and tops of the Haramosh reach displaying wonderment perspectives of the excellent scene while the Bilchar Peak (6134 m.) and other snow bound edges of the Rakaposhi Range are towards its north and the north west. Towards the east is the Haramosh Lake 4800 m high and the snow secured edges of the Liala Massif and due north east are the high edges of the Malibuting Massif.

It is to be sure a mountain wonderland. All combined make this place and abode of fairies. This fantastic trek has many contrasting features in the upper Haramosh valley with lush green meadows surrounded by the thick pine forests and snow covered peaks in the backdrop.The trek runs in the strip between Indus and Hunza rivers.