Deosai National Park

The Deosai National Park is located in between Skardu, Gultari, Kharmang and Astore Valley, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Northern Pakistan, majority of which falls in Skardu district.

Above the tree line and at an average height of 13,500 feet above sea level, the Deosai Plains are among the highest plateaus in the world. The Deosai Plains cover an area of almost 3,000 square kilometers.

For just over half the year – between November and May – Deosai is snow-bound. In the summer months when the snow clears up, Deosai is accessible from Skardu in the north and the Astore Valley in the west. Deosai plains are designated in 1993 as a protected area and it is a treeless reservation which is named as Deosai National Park.

The baffling wilderness of Deosai is home of the Himalayan brown bear which is the largest omnivore of Pakistan. One of the marvelous features of Deosai plains is the dazzling Sheosar Lake which means “Blind Lake” and it is considered as one of the highest elevated lakes in the world having a length of 2.3 kilometers and a width of 1.8 kilometers along with an average depth of about 40 meters (130 ft).