Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake also known as Gojal Lake is located near Hunza Valley, one naturally blessed part of northern areas of Pakistan. The lake gets its influx from Hunza River (2,800 cu ft/s). The maximum length of the lake is 13 miles (21 km) and the depth is 358 feet (109 m). The total water volume is 330,000 acre feet.

Pakistan is blessed with treasuring natural beauty that is not known to the world. Attabad Lake is one such invigorating place where you can enjoy a boat ride and look at jaw dropping snow topped mountains and bracing landscapes turning a simple boat ride into a memorable experience. The boat ride at Attabad Lake is one thing you must do if you are visiting Hunza. The accidental creation of Lake Attabad was due to the land sliding which had some severe consequences including the abandoning of several villages and mortality of twenty village inhabitants in 2010. Although, later on it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, presently it is a popular summer destination for tourists.

There is also a tunnel recently built on Attabad Lake as a part of Karakorum highway. Its inauguration was commenced on 14th of September 2015. There are many other ongoing development projects in Hunza and Attabad Village. In the last three years, gradually inhabitants of the area came out of the disturbing consequences of land sliding and returned to normal life. Attributed to the beauty of the Attabad Lake with blue topaz coloured water and surrounding mountains tourism has excelled in the region.

How To Reach

On reaching Hunza village, you can make your way to Lake Attabad in one hour. There are lined up boats that can be booked for sightseeing. I booked one and started my journey and my experience turned out to be great. I could not look away from the Tupopdan (mountain peaks), fresh blue coloured water and huge dark coloured mountains surrounding the lake.